ELLEN WELLER —  is a new name and new music

ELLEN WELLER is a singer, musician and producer who creates her own unique sound in inimitable style. Harmonious combination of letters in the name of the singer — as a new brand, which will be associated with the unreal, a stunning, ultra modern music.  This brand stands for quality of each note.


Project  LATINIUM. Trilogy.

A new large scale project in the  world show business by ELLEN WELLER.

LATINIUM project combines the most advanced technologies of all the musical productions, presenting to the audience a truly fantastic unearthly music.

«Latinium» — spiritual world with spiritual sound!

«Latinium»  is  a dream land where feelings, emotions and images are presented in their original,primitive shape.

Each single opens to the listener one of the human`s essesnces.

«Latinium. Trilogy.Past I»:

4 singles– 4 essenses:

Christianity prayer, Fate, mirth, true love between man and woman.

  1. Ave Maria (music — Ellen Weller, Tomaso Albinoni)
  2. Fortuna (music — Ellen Weller, Carl Orff, lyrics — Gualterius de Castillione)
  3. Mandaliet (music — Ellen Weller, lyrics — Gualterius de Castillione)
  4. Amor (music — Ellen Weller, lyrics – Ellen Weller , Petrus Blesensis)

The magic music of Latinium:

—      Charming Ellen`s vocal

—      The Latin language which adds to the fantasy and mystery  of the project

—      Non-standard ultra fashion arrangements

—      The rich sound of symphony orchestra.

All these presents the music that you have never heard before!!!


Track «Mandaliet» from the first part of «Latinium» attracted attention of the main Russian dance radio station — DFM. There was a remix made for the track named «Sex Crash». It rushed in TOP 30 chart of DFM.


The most advanced and fashionable musicians from the USA, Israel and Russia took part in the project.



This is the event which is going to be spoken about!

This is the music which is going to be played!

The show which will be watched!


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